Company and Nonprofit Organization Benefits

The Company and Nonprofit Organization benefits are as follows

  • One C-level "primary representative" and five C-level "affiliates" included in Council membership fee
  • Additional C-level "affiliates" and non C-level "representatives" at discounted rates 
  • We proactively empower our members is 6 key areas:
    • Change Leadership
    • Education & Professional Development
    • Research & Market Intelligence
    • Market Making & Networking
    • Brand & Reputation Management
    • Advocacy & Public Policy
  • Access to Greco Associates strategic advisory services
    • Initial consultation and quarterly review including application of The VALUE Equation™
    • Additional consultation available at discounted rates
  • Access to Council Career Center​
    • Post positions at special member rates
    • Optional exposure to the Marketing Career Network (MCN), a web-based network of association sponsored online career centers that share job listings, resumes, and career development content 
  • Executive Exchange Network (Introductions arranged for product and service providers with relevant client prospects)
  • Various sponsorship opportunities
  • Participation in syndicated research
  • Access to special strategic partner programs including: 
    • Council member pricing on CommunicationsMatch™ and idenfitication as Council member in searches on that platform
    • Proprietary Council application of Rose Group Int'l iX Leadership™ program
    • Access to all Wessex Press education and professional development publications at discounted rates
  • Access to telehealth services from MDLIVE at special Council rates for all employees and their families

Nonprofit membership at all levels is offered at discounted membership rates.

We are also happy to customize a benefit package that meets your specific needs and priorities.

The VALUE Equation™



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