Arun Sinha

Global CMO/CCO, Strategist, Business Leader
Transformational Global Chief Marketing Officer who specializes in building revenue, brand, image and reputation among customers, employees, media, Wall Street and regulators. Record of growing brands to top 100 Global Brands. Expertise in providing growth through global change management, data analytics and digital marketing, and growing customer experience to become market leader in a category. Successfully launched more than 28 new brands & sub-brands, and consolidated hundreds of brands to create effective portfolio management. Unique combination of expertise from consumer goods, financial services, fintech, technology and academia (Yale Sr. Faculty Fellow). Creative, strategic, entrepreneurial, team builder, media commentator & author of highly acclaimed business strategy books, including Sweet Spot: How to Maximize Marketing for Business Growth, and more than 500 bylined articles in various newspapers and magazines. Awarded “Chief Marketing Officer of the Year” and “Marketer of the Year”. Was Global CMO at MSCI, J.P. Morgan, Zurich Financial (+CCO), and President of Services & Solutions & CMO-Pitney Bowes.

Also previously, a Board Member of Guthy|Renker; Board Member and Executive Committee Member of the Direct Marketing Association; Director, Premium brands and Business Development of Altria; and Senior Account Executive at Young & Rubicam.

Also currently, Advisor Marketing & Client Experience to Vestrata and Board Member of Bounteous.


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