Research & Market Intelligence

We understand that a wide range of Research and Market Intelligence is available to Council members from a variety of other sources and we have no desire to reinvent any wheels. Instead, the Council’s goal is to help our members interpret that available research and to help fill voids that may exist in what is available.
By doing so, we will remain true to our mission of filling critical gaps while providing the opportunity, forum, and structure for members to connect the dots, break down silos, and better understand, leverage, and maximize the IMPACT of the continuously evolving and expanding suite of resources available to them. We remain channel agnostic, technology neutral, and data-driven in our approach at all times.
The Council brings together a wide range of experience, expertise, and academic resources including:

  • Extensive Research & Market Intelligence experience of its founders and advisory board members who currently and/or have previously held key positions with companies and organizations both large and small
  • Expertise of Council strategic partners and some of its members in this area as well as the direct experience of Greco Associates
  • Academic Partners at Columbia University Business School, NYU, Harvard, Wharton, Lancaster University-UK, Saint Joseph’s, and others under development
With these resources, the Council provides our members with timely and relevant content, consulting, and other support resources in critical areas such as:
  • White Papers and other Publications
  • Syndicated Research Opportunities for Companies/Organizations
  • Special Summaries of Syndicated Research Results for Individuals
  • Communities (Open & Member Only) for informal sharing of market intelligence
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    • Twitter
    • Horizontal and Vertical Groups
Visit our events calendar often for programming relevant to this topic throughout the year.
Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time at to discuss your specific needs in this area.

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