Marketing IMPACT Council™ opens up its special MDLIVE Telehealth program to all during COVID-19 pandemic

The Marketing IMPACT Council™ has a special telehealth benefit, provided by MDLIVE, one of the leading telehealth network providers. It's basically like having a doctor with you everywhere you go, 24/7/365! It lets you use your mobile app, phone, or PC to connect with a board-certified physician or pediatrician for the treatment of a wide range of non-emergency conditions

For the special Marketing IMPACT Council™ Member and Partner Program rates of $13.95 a month for individuals and $18.95 per month for families, you have easy access to on-demand doctor visits in minutes with unlimited use and with no access fees, no consult fees, no copays, and no contracts!
During this unprecedented time, we are opening up this program to anyone, whether a member or nonmember of the Council to help you get the care that you need while reducing the strain on the rest of overall healthcare system.
You can enroll for this special telehealth program ONLY through this link.
When prompted for the Organization with which you are a member or are affiliated, select the category that applies to you from the dropdown box. If you are not currently a member of the Council or affiliated with any of our strategic partner organizations listed, just select “Other.”
Once you enroll, you will receive an activation link where you will be able to provide MDLIVE with some additional information. You will then have access to the service and can download the app.
Your MDLIVE membership package and ID card will then be sent to your residence.
Remember this is a Marketing IMPACT Council™ Program offered at a special rate and for unlimited use. This unique offering CANNOT be obtained directly from MDLIVE, so be sure to use this special link to register!

If you have any questions call 877-340-3327.



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