Advisory Board

Noel Capon

Noel Capon received his BSc and PhD in chemistry from the University College, London University; Dip BA from Manchester Business School; MBA from Harvard Business School; and PhD from Columbia Business School.

Carol Greco

Carol Greco is a senior level business professional with expertise in strategic planning, business development, competitive assessment, marketing/sales management, as well as executive search and organizational design.

Paul A. McDonnough

Paul A. McDonnough is a co-founder of the Council has spent the past 20 years as a Global Tradeshow and Event Management Professional.

Tom Trezise

Tom Trezise is a United Nations Taskforce on Health Data Lead, Fellow and Acting President of the Health Studies Collegium. Tom’s focus is leveraging his experience to accelerate innovation in healthcare and long-term sustainable enterprises driven by socially responsible leadership.


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