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Founded to fill critical gaps, the Marketing IMPACT Council™ provides the opportunity, forum, and structure for executives and their teams to “connect the dots,” break down silos, and better understand, leverage, and maximize the impact of the continuously evolving and expanding suite of resources available to them in the overall strategic positioning of their for-profit and nonprofit organizations. The Council is a new model of engagement with a focus on what we call "Big M" Marketing™ and The VALUE Equation™.

“Big M” Marketing™ involves the CEO, everyone in the C-suite, and all those in other positions who are significant stakeholders in their organization’s marketing processes at every level. It covers everything from the highest level of business strategy to all aspects of execution. 
“Big M” Marketing™ and its IMPACT are NOT just relevant to the CMO. The Council brings together all organization leaders to leverage “Big M” Marketing™ while facilitating trigger levers of growth, development, and networking.

The VALUE Equation™ addresses all aspects of an organization's Vision, Alignment, Leadereship, Understanding, and Execution. 

We proactively empower our members in 6 key areas:


The Marketing IMPACT Council™ brings together senior leaders and their teams from many different areas of business. We are:

Channel Agnostic

Technology Neutral

Data Driven

We focus on unifying across silos and we address all aspects of the roles and interrelationships of people, processes, and technologies in not only shaping but also impacting the overall marketing process from strategy to execution.


Chairman's Message
During these unprecedented and extraordinary times, we are more committed than ever to helping our members and friends of the Council face today’s challenges and prepare for the future. Together, we will stay focused on what we can control and minimize the risk on what we cannot! Please see my article in the COVID-19 tab.